Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is 1st-finder® a subscription?
No, by purchasing 1st-finder®-Set's you buy an annual service. After the period of one year 1st-finder® will contact you automatically and will offer you another year. If you don't respond to the offer the service will end automatically.

2) What do I bind myself for?
You bind yourself for nothing. On the contrary 1st-finder®-Set's binds itself to bring back your lost stuff if someone brought it to the post office or mailed or phoned us. Usually the shipping up to a limit of 2kg is for free. Exceptions could be items found abroad, there can come up further costs for shipping.

3) Is there a limit for items?
Yes and No. You're allowed to furnish bigger items with 1st-finder®. Heavy and awkward items are shipped at the owner's expense. Forbidden are beings of all kind, weapons, chemicals and everything that is associated with illegality of all kind, e.g. drugs. Please also read the GTC.

4) In case of an ended service - I didn't extend the service and lost my item. What happends?
Of course you also will be contacted by 1st-finder® if your item was found. Neverheless 1st-finder® shipps the item on owner's expense (at least 50.00 CHF). Alternative to this offer you can pick up your stuff on a lost property office named by 1st-finder® -needless to say: for free.

5) How to accomplish a change of address?
Either you log in on our web site and change your address by using the online form or you contact us by mail. In any case you need the 1st-finder® card and the according login-code. If your address is not up to date and the return of a item failed, we'll reposit the item for 12 months. Costs incurred by research for your new address can be invoiced.

6) How to contact 1st-finder®?
Via post, via phone or at best by phone! For further information please visit Contact.